“Before I met Mr. Nicholas, music seem so distant and incomprehensible like and alien language.  He changed this with his vast knowledge of music and a cool but to the point style of teaching. The classes are stress free and a lot of fun because he can play many instruments during the classes, so every class is a little different.  Mr. Nicholas has exceeded all my expectations as a music teacher.” – Nelson

“Nicholas is an amazing teacher. He has a great attitude and he’s very knowledgeable” – Danielle

“I’ve taken piano lessons from Nick for about 2 and half years. When I started, I couldn’t play at all, and he helped me build a solid foundation of musical knowledge and skills. Through progressively more challenging pieces of music, I’ve reached my goal of feeling comfortable performing, and now I’m working on becoming a better musician.  Nick is patient and knowledgeable, and he does a great job of breaking things down and explaining how to improve.  He’s willing to listen to your interests (such as if you are drawn to a certain type of music or performance style) and tailors lessons around your goals.” – Matt